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Vocational Training Centre (VTC) Goslar-Bassgeige / Seesen  


Presently, some 2,200 students at the age between sixteen and twenty years attend the VTC. With 120 full-time professional staff members, the VTC is considered a relatively large organisation. The Training at the centre is provided in the following trades, resp. vocational fields: technical, social care, and social pedagogic.

One of the main characteristics of the German Vocational Training is the dual system which implies a co-operative form of training. The trainee is recruited by an employer and receives practical training on-the-job for three to four days per week (day release scheme). This is supplemented by systematic theoretical training at the Vocational Training Centre. In addition to the respective trade theory, the trainee can broaden his/her knowledge in general subjects such as English and German language, politics, sports and religion.

Almost half of the students at the Goslar and Seesen VTC's follow the dual training in the following occupational fields:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • textile engineering
  • natural science: chemistry, physics, biology
  • food, domestic science
  • industry and administration


Some 1,100 part-time students at the VTC?s in Goslar and Seesen prepare for their trade examinations organised by the respec'ive Chamber of Craft or Commerce in the following trades: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical assistant, commercial assistant (sales, industry, office). Instead of the day-release scheme mentioned above, a substantial portion of our students receive bloc training (e.g. six weeks blocs). Many of them come all over from the whitespread area of Niedersachen (Lower Saxony) and are accommodated in hotels and guest houses.

In contrast to the dual training scheme, the school offers full-time training in the area of social care and social pedagogy. Practical exposure of the trainees is an integral part of the training. The students serve internships in social institutions such as kindergarten, youth hostels and hospitals located in the vicinity of the VTC. The curriculum focuses on subject theory, pedagogy, psychology, theory of social care, nutrition etc. Similar to the approach for the technical qualifications, subject expertise is supplemented by general knowledge such as languages (German and English), politics, sports and religion. Upon successful completion of the two-year programme, the students receive their trade qualification certificates in the fields of social pedagogy, social care and home economics.

One of the pillars of the German Vocational Education and Training system is the articulation. The principle is that no training should be terminal but rather open chances for further training. Consequently, the VTC offers advanced training at the upper level. Depending on the previous qualifications and duration of training, the student can attend a Diploma course of one or two years in the relevant field of training, technical, social, interior design. After successful completion he/she is eligible for entrance at Polytechnic (Fachhochschule) or University level.

Of particular importance requiring extraordinary commitment is the area of special training for those students who are handicapped or disadvantaged. According to their special needs the VTC offers tailor-made courses at various levels run by selected teaching staff.

Our students and business partners often acclaim the VTC?s modern training facilities which compose of:

  • workshops for mechanical and electrical engineering,
  • laboratories for chemistry and electrical engineering
  • food processing and preparation
  • bakery


Students are encouraged to take advantage of the access to knowledge and information. Therefore, they have access to the well equipped library facilities, which include inter- and intranet application as well as computer usage. More information about the VTC can be obtained through our home page undefinedhttp://www.bbs-bassgeige.de/. In addition, direct communication with our students or staff is enhanced through the internet access.

Among the whitespread extra-curricular activities of the VTC it is worth mentioning but a few: theatre shows, group excursions, sports competition, project weeks and in particular school partnerships with schools in Carpentras, France, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Translated by Christina Bremer